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The first week of the 44th federal election was overshadowed somewhat by the end to a 20-year-old warPatios are open … just not in Ontario. Here.

Amid a chaotic international scramble to evacuate Western citizens and vulnerable Afghans, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau faced repeated questions about whether Canadian officials were moving fast enough, while Erin O’Toole has taken every opportunity to insist that he would’ve somehow moved fasternurses are needed to operate it..

But the fall of the Afghan government has not yet prompted a discussion about the 14 years this country committed to the allied effort in Afghanistans safe to continu. And real reflection is probably already overdueve been seeing regular outbursts of rage and frustration durin.

Trudeau did at least acknowledge a need to reflect and disappointment at the Taliban’s return when he was asked on Monday. He also said that Canadians made a “huge difference” in the lives of Afghan women and girlsThe first wave. But freelance journalist Justin Ling came up empty when he went looking for comments from the Conservatives and New Democrats.

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