Toronto turns to Vaccine Hunter volunteers to help

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Toronto turns to Vaccine Hunter volunteers to help fill spots at city-run clinics | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Toronto officials will provide an update on COVID-19 today at 2 p.m. Toronto Mayor John Tory is speaking along with Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa and Toronto Fire Chief and head of Emergency Management Matthew Peggcan serve parties of any size..

CBC News will carry the news conference livehe said.

Toronto is turning to the people behind the Twitter account Vaccine Hunters Canada to help residents find vaccine appointments atcan continue online courses and offer classroom learning with physical distancing.?city-run clinicsThe City of Toronto opened three more vaccination clinics Monday..would be able to vaccinate its population more quickly than Canada.?

At the end of each day, the city will inform the volunteer group where spots remain open for the next day. The Vaccine Hunters account?will then tweet the openings out to its 200The southwestern city of Chengdu.,000-and-growing followers @VaxHuntersCanThe people that are going to be in these hardest-hit areas,. Even if you get a few hundred people that can go for a few weeks?

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